PA Natural Village

These products would look best by the beachside in Rio de Janeiro but don’t fret if you aren’t there because it’ll look just as good anywhere else. Its tropical look and design will be sure to be a crowd pleaser and its features will be a big hit with the children as well. Get one now for your playground and spice things up.

“Paradise” is the first playground system totally designed to mimic the nature that surrounds us. It combines cutting edge manufacturing and design technologies. The multi mold-in color system uses colors to express natural colors and textures and is unique in the playground industry. The manufacturing of rock shaped components with plastic by rotational molding technology makes the “Paradise” system a natural environment that is man-made. The manufacturing process is simple and makes mass-production easy. It has additional advantages by being light weight and durable for cost effect delivery when compared with GFRC or FRP.

Optional : Paradise Natural Sound Panels
-By touching each touch pad made of stainless steel, children can hear the different sound for each pad.
-All of the sound panels are designed for being used outside and all panels have weather-resistance.
-Power is supplied by battery.
*Option: Solar system