PA Themes


Playground Equipment from Paradise is truly one of a kind. The products are designed to mimic surrounding environments and bring various elements of different areas of the world together during play. They feature palm trees that you would normally see in the Amazon forest and rocks and in some, even animal models, all from the safari and the outback. These products heighten a child’s playing nature and encourage them to play outdoors rather than be engrossed with other forms of distractions: smartphones, gaming consoles and the TV.

“Paradise” is the first playground system totally designed to mimic the nature that surrounds us. It combines cutting edge manufacturing and design technologies. The multi mold-in color system uses colors to express natural colors and textures and is unique in the playground industry. The manufacturing of rock shaped components with plastic by rotational molding technology makes the “Paradise” system a natural environment that is man-made. The manufacturing process is simple and makes mass-production easy. It has additional advantages by being light weight and durable for cost effect delivery when compared with GFRC or FRP.