ReACTIONs is inspired by the spider. It comes in amazing woven designs just like a spider’s web. Children will love the unique appearance of the ReACTION II which is built of highly durable materials that are child friendly. ReACTIONs playground comes in different eye catching designs that will attract children while at the same time provide a good work out for them as they play.
The artwork, which is out of this world, will also stimulate children’s learning ability as they try to figure out the unique arty designs of the ReACTION II play system. It is simple yet very educative. It is not made with excess materials making it very easy to produce in mass.
Additionally, it is very light in weight making it ideal for most areas that are frequented by children. The most amazing part about it is that it caters for ages 5-16 years. This is great because teenagers are kept busy by engaging in mind stimulating games during play time.